Three Ways to Buy

Direct from us
- Worldwide, paperback book and CD,
- Australian Dollars (ships from Austrlia)

- Worldwide, paperback or Kindle
- US Dollars (ships from the US)

eBook Version (Kindle, iBookstore or DRM-free PDF)
- Worldwide, eBook version
- Immediate download

Which method is best?

It depends on where you are, and what you'd like to purchase:

Want the Combo?

The Beyond FAST audio CD is not available in bookstores (including Amazon). If you'd like to get the CD or the Combo deal, order directly from us -- we ship worldwide daily! (Any Limited-Time offers are also available only when you buy direct.)

Want the paperback version?

If you're in Australia (and only want the book), we prefer you to order through a local bookstore (and if your local store doesn't have it, ask them to contact us and order it). Or, to get it FASTer, order directly through the Embryo Films Store.

If you're in the United States or Canada (and only want the hardcopy book), we prefer you to order through On Amazon, the book is listed with its US Dollar cover price, and you'll save money on shipping.

If you're in Europe, South America or Africa, Amazon is probably most economical. If you're in Asia, ordering direct is probably most economical.

Want an ebook?

If you want it NOW, the eBook version has two variations. The DRM-free PDF version is available through ClickBank or Booklocker as an instant download. Click here to get it now.

We also offer a drastically reduced price for Amazon's Kindle version and Apple's iBookstore version. (Coming soon to Barnes & Noble's Nook.) These DRM-protected versions are priced at just US$6.99, and offer the best value for your money.


* Our prices are listed in Australian Dollars
* Amazon and ClickBank's prices are listed in US Dollars
* Any Limited-Time offers are only available through us
* Beyond FAST is only available through us


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