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Jeff Bollow is an award-winning filmmaker, best-selling author, film festival organizer, and internationally-acclaimed public speaker.

A passionate filmmaker for most of his life, Jeff began at age 12 as an actor in his native Los Angeles, appearing in movies such as Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Lost Valley, Pink Lightning, and 6,000 Miles from Hollywood, as well as dozens of television shows, commercials and theatre productions in three countries.

Jeff has also worked nearly every job in film production, and has written, directed and produced award-winning short films, as well as corporate videos, television and feature films. His educational DVD Making Fantastic Short Films was named "Best Instructional/Training Resource" of 2007 from 615 entries at the 25th annual ATOM Awards in Australia. He couldn't attend the event because he was opening the 2nd annual Big Mountain Short Film Festival in New Zealand on the same night.

In 2007, after directing 3 episodes of "Pacific Beat Street" for New Zealand's TV3, Jeff was approached by Apple Computers and Peachpit Press, who needed 6 chapters (160 pages) of the Apple Training Series: iLife 08 book written in just 3 weeks. Applying the principles of the FAST System, Jeff completed the project (about which the editor said "I've never done a book on a weekly magazine's schedule before") on time and to great reviews.

Jeff originally began teaching screenwriting through when he couldn't find screenplays to produce. He was hired to rewrite Knife, a Chinese action film screenplay for a Singaporean company. He is currently focused on directing, and has directed Five Women Wearing the Same Dress in Sydney and ONE, a sci-fi television pilot he created. In 2009, he launched FAST Screenplay, a 10-month online screenplay development system which was originally designed in 2004, and which inspired the book Writing FAST.

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